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I bought this car off here a cpl years ago as a daily. Id like to see 4k Obo... If you don't like the price that's fine just figured I'd post it up for someone else to save rather than me driving it into the ground and then just scrapping it... It's a real 97 drivers edition. So the actual production numbers are unknown. However it is believed that jazz blue was only a run of about 250, I own 2 and only know of a handfull of others in the United states. 2 up north and about 5 out west.
she's a lil rough. 186k new clutch kit, head gasket, autotech cam's, ultimo's, chip, exhust, waterpump, timing chains, euro gti hatch. There's rust rockers are bad, needs some floor work, fresh jan inspection, have replacement fuel filler panel, over 2k in new parts in the lst year. Too many cars would rather keep the sciroccos... Gimmie 4k I'll even throw in a ebay turbo kit with front mount and ic piping. Just need software and inj...

Cars located in hamburg pa, there's significant rust on the rockers... Text gets fastest response 610-914-54three eight
Again if you don't like the price that's fine it costs me nothing to drive it to its grave
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