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JB4 (originally a JB1, upgraded to JB4, all plugs in good condition and clicking in/out well)
Bluetooth module
O2 sensor (So you don't have to leave a pinhole in the OEM O2 sensor. I include both the gray sensor for 2015-17 GTI's and some 2018-19's, plus the black one for some 2018-19's and onwards. Didn't know the difference when I originally bought, this'll save you any hassle. [See here for more details plug a handy plug D extender.])

Can ship starting Monday, Nov 8
Will provide shipping tracking number
First come, first served. On weekend trip so likely will not answer messages until Monday, Nov 8.

Other info:
Had it on my 2019 GTI for about 6,000 miles
Originally bought from VWVortex user ZKK007 in April 2020
Wires look tortured but are just bent from being wrapped through the engine bay as needed. Their shapes actually suggested good ideas for keeping wires out of the way when I first installed it.
BIG differences. Map 0 for stock, Map 2 for max power (will wear clutch), Map 6 for clutch-saver power (low torque at low RPM's, more like a big-turbo feel, the mode I preferred). I never messed with customizing it more.
Somehow people don't appreciate that you can change the modes on-the-fly and easily from your smartphone. Just leave your smartphone open on the "select mode" screen. Puttering along on the commute, want to go easy on the clutch? Stock mode. Exit to twisties, WRX next to you? One press, JB4 mode. Really fun, great toy. Fun for passengers too.
Selling because COVID means no daily commute, no passengers --> Miata

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