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$7500 or best offer, as it sits with wheels, or trade for a clean Tacoma

I am the second owner, I bought it with 30k on it in 2003. The car currently has 175,xxx and is rising as a drive it every once in awhile. My wife used it as her daily for 5 years, then I took over. When a repair was needed, it was fixed immediately with OEM parts. The car has been resprayed, all except the trunk. The car is made to be low, and above all, driveable. I drive at the height pictured with no issue. It drives extremely well with no bind or vibration.

12V vr6
Autotech 262's
GIAC cam file
TT 2" downpipe
Magnaflow high flow cat
Eurosport cat back with turn down tip
MK5 R32 oil pan and pump
Oil changed every 3k with castrol synthetic.

Added 04+ Chrome trim with Euro front rubstrip
OEM 20th side skirts
OEM GLi shaved rear valance (donor for the recess was OEM as well)
Hella OEM ecodes
NGP badgeless grill
Shaved fender markers
Shaved hood notch
GLi tails (will include original all reds)
R32 wiper arms and blades

H&R coilovers
H&R sway bars (rear is a 28mm adjustable)
ECS adjustable sway bar links
Notched frame, both sides.
Euroimage 1" motor mount spacers
BFI stage 1 motor mounts
TT brakes with ATE power slots and mintex pads (rears match)
I took apart the drivers side axle and clearanced the cup, there is no bind, even at full throttle on an onramp.
Early TT control arms tapped for Mk4 sway bar
TT hubs


Stock GLX trim
Wood trim
Tan heated leather
Comfort turn signals
20th pedal set
20th shift boot and trim
That Mexican Bluetooth radio


GIAC flash
New brakes all around
Upper timing guides
Rear beam bushings
R32 control arm bushings
Entire new cooling system, minus heater core and heater core lines
New cooling fans
New alternator
New power steering pump
New power steering rack
New coil pack
New spark plug wires
New RF wheel speed sensor
Entire exhaust
Side skirts and rear valance
New shaved front fenders with a slight pull
Resprayed rear quarters

Glove box hinge is broken, close fine


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So $6k and that thing you like (;)) wouldn't cut it? Pshhh... GLWS!

2006 P+ A4 3.2 Avant, 2011 C'Dale Bad Boy, 2014 C'Dale Carbon Synapse, 2019 P+ Q5
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ooooooohhh :cool:
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