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I was recently cleaning up my parts stash and came across this stuff. Hopefully someone here can use it for a cool project or a "period correct" setup. :) Of course Vortex members get 1st dibs, DM me! Here's a link to the eBay listing:


Up for sale is a Lot of 3 Phatnoise Phatboxes, (1) 40GB DMS Cartridge, (2) 20GB DMS Cartridges and other accessories for VW/Audi. This is used, but listed as "for parts only" because I can't personally test every item included. I have verified (using one of the included docks on Windows 10) that the 3 DMS cartridges all work and are configured with version 7.02. All music has been removed from the units. I personally used 1 of the Phatboxes in my Audi A4, and it worked fine when removed. I'm pretty sure the connection cables work for most MK4 A4 VWs with the OEM radios (Monsoon, Symphony, etc..).

Included in this lot is:

(1) Phatbox Digital Media Player in original configuration (Part # VA-012-PBOX rev-)
(2) Phatbox Digital Media Players that have been modified to fit where an OEM VW CD changer fits (Part # VA-012-PBOX rev-)
(1) 40GB Upgraded DMS Cartridge (Part # DMS-020GF rev-)
(1) 20GB DMS Cartridge (Part # DMS-020GF rev-)
(1) 20GB DMS Cartridge (Part # DMS-020G rev B)
(3) Phatnoise USB Cradles (Part # DMS-USB2 rev-)
(2) USB Cradle AC Adapters (7.5V 1A) (Part # FA-4G080)
(2) Phatnoise Connector Cables (Part # CAS-001-VW-15)
(1) Phatnoise User Manual and Quick Start Guide for Volkswagen/Audi
(1) Phatnoise Music Manager CD (Version 1.87)

These units are getting harder to find and their accessories/cables are even tougher. They are similar to the Kenwood Music Keg and some parts may be compatible if you're looking for spares. (Of course, be sure to check compatibility for your custom project) If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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