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Selling my LC8i. It is in great condition, and works flawlessly. Looking for $140 shipped.

This device allows you to use factory speaker-level outputs in your car for upgraded speakers, subwoofers, etc. It takes the signal going to your factory speaker, and converts it to a full-spectrum signal that doesn't suffer from roll-off (the effect of poorer quality as you increase volume).

It comes with the unit, and the accommodating AC3 control knob. This knob allows remote adjustment of the subwoofer output as well as auxillary output of you're using one through the LC8i. It can be mounted anywhere.

*Do not ask me about technical specs, operation, install, etc. This information is available directly from the manufacturer. If you don't know what this is or does, go read up on it first. I'm looking for serious buyers only.*
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