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Hey everyone. I have alot for sale below. Moving and need to clear out some closet space and garage space. I am meticulous about my stuff and alot of this stuff has been barely if ever even used. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if your interested in any of this. I will accept REASONABLE OFFERS on some of it, and some is close to what I would like. Please do not lowball me as you will not get a response. Most of this stuff if you looked at it you would think was just out of it's box, and alot of it is.
?'s and offers to [email protected] please. E-bay name is Lucky7366 for references.
Thanks again all.

Olympus C-3000 Digital Camera- Mint in box, used a handful of times. Paid $800. $300 SHIPPED Also includes 64MB total Smartmedia memory!
Audi A4 Windshield Sun Screen- Genuine Audi. Used twice. Paid $75. $50 SHIPPED
Siemens USB 10/100 Ethernet Adapter- Not Mac compatible. Tried it once, didn't use after. Box and docs. Paid $30. $14 SHIPPED
VW Votex MK3 Roof Bars, THULE Fairing- Inlcudes locks but lost key. Can use w/o locks or goto dealer and get new lock set. $100 SHIPPED
Sprint PCS Motorola Timeport P8767 Multi-Color Display Phone- All boxes and Docs. Also has Belkin Auto Adapter. Needs new StarTac Antenna. Paid over $350. $55 SHIPPED
Nextel I-30SX Phone- Original Box and Docs. VERY GOOD SHAPE. No SIM. Belkin Auto Adapter works with most Motorola Nextel phones. Paid $105. $40 SHIPPED
Efficient Networks Speedstream 5360 DSL Modem- Box, A/C, and Modem. $25 SHIPPED
Yokomo HOT DOG 4 / EARLY YZ-10 RC Car- Ran twice. Almost no scratches on bottom. Body needs repaint. EXCELLENT CONDITION! Circa 1981-1983. AMAZING for a collector. $100 SHIPPED

Sega Genesis:
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine- Cart only.
Sega Mega Drive:
EA Hockey.
Sega Saturn:
U.S. Sega Saturn System- Brand New.
4 MB Madness ST-Key.
Sega Rally- Brand New.
Daytona USA:CCE- Brand New.
Sonic R- Brand New.
Nights Sampler- Brand New.
Bootleg Sampler- Brand New.
Pocket Fighter- Brand New, Disc only.
Dead or Alive- Excellent Condition.
Three Dirty Dwarves- Excellent Condition.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat- Excellent Condition.
All Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua- Excellent Condition.
NEC Turbografx-16/Turbografx CD/Turboduo:
Turbografx-16 System- No box and no RF.
Cyber Core.
Aero Blasters.
Alien Crush- No manual.
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones- Hucard only.
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones.
Bonkís Adventure.
Final Lap Twin.
China Warrior.
Final Zone II CD.
Shape Shifter Super CD.
Addams Family CD.
It Came from the Desert CD.
Splash Lake Super CD.
Panasonic/ Goldstar/ Sanyo 3DO:
Nintendo 64:
Namco Museum- Brand New.
Sony Playstation:
Playstation System 5501- Boxed, complete, and parallel I/O for easy MOD! MINT!
NBA JAM: Tournament Edition- Disc Only.
Bomberman: Party Edition- Like New, played MAYBE 3 times.
Buster Bros. Collection- Like New.
Sheep- Like new, cracked jewel case.
WWF: War Zone- Brand New.

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