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MK4 GTI, B8.5 allroad, Gen4 Outback, ‘02 Monster
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Aidos, GTI. Bought it in 2002. It's time to let it go.

I'm in the Arcadia/Monrovia area. Local pickup and cash only.

I'll figure out how to post pictures here. Or, give me your email and I'll send them to you.

Here we go...

Monster mats with red "GTI" - SOLD

Genuine VW/Audi factory mats - $25

Genuine VW/Audi Euro switch - SOLD

Genuine VW/Audi Trunk tray (parcel cover) - $50

Genuine VW/Audi Euro SPLIT side mirror glass BLUE tinted, HEATED - SOLD

Genuine VW/Audi TT pedals (gas and brake) for automatic, new - $40

Genuine VW/Audi TT pedals (gas, brake, clutch, and dead) for manual, used - $70

Genuine VW/Audi headrests off MK4 GTI (Leather, Black), back x3 - SOLD

Genuine VW/Audi headrests off MK4 GTI (Leather, Black), FRONT x2: $50

Genuine VW/Audi shift knob (5-speed) - $20

Genuine VW/Audi shift knob (wood? lettering rubbed off, VR6?) - $15

Genuine VW/Audi cup holder - $20

Monsoon double-din stero, $75

Bentley Service Manual for MK4 Golf GTI Jetta TDI 1.8T 2.8 VR6 2.0 - $50

I have a few boxes of stuff...so, more to come on that...
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