Yo! I picked up this setup off craigslist last fall kind of on a whim. It was fun to run them for a couple months this summer, but they are honestly just too nice and performance oriented for my lowly Mk5 Jetta, so I should sell. If you wanna shave multiple seconds off your autocross time, look no further.

I've seen these wheels listed as low as 16.5 lbs. Similarly, the 235/45/17 Pilot Sport 4s tires are only 21 lbs, making the setup nicely under 40 lbs at each corner. It's wild to pick them up and feel the weight reduction. And on the car, it's VERY noticeable, especially if you're swapping from some OEM chunkers.

Wheels are 17x8 inches, ET45. Another nice thing about these is that the centerbore is 57.1mm, so no hubcentric adapter rings are needed, can just bolt right on with your OE ball seat lugs and rip.

Tires have under a few thousand miles of use, in my estimation. I bought them from a dude who had just bought a Mk7 GTI that came with them and simply "didn't like the red color" of them. Not sure if the former owner ever autocrossed or tracked them, but the rubber on the tires is super clean and tread depth is excellent. I have personally never owned a tire with as much performance as these Pilot Sport 4s'. The cornering grip is simply awesome, yet they are perfectly quiet and smooth for every day use.

This is over a $2000 setup new. I didn't pay nearly that much myself, so you shouldn't either. Let's start the sale thread at a cool $1000, firm for a while. I can have them in my pickup bed and meet you anywhere within a 40 minute drive of Ypsilanti, MI - if you're coming from further away.

Links for specs/info: