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Rust free 1986 MK2 Golf GTI VR6 swap project car. Car was purchased two years ago from Florida with 192,000 miles. Began the VR6 swap/restoration 1 year ago with a 120,000 VR6 engine from a 1998 Golf and 3,200 mile LSD transmission from a VR6 Corrado. Slight ding from an incompetent tow truck driver on front right fender (details below). Car runs and drives but needs components listed below to be road worthy. The “hard part” is basically done for you to drive and enjoy, while you continue the restore if chosen to do so. Don’t have the time or space to continue since ending my lease at the garage where it was stored/worked on. Open to trade for a box truck or 93-01 Subaru coupe. Located in Brooklyn, New York.
Shoot me an offer $$$ original . Serious buyers only.
$2500 was apparently too high
Text: 718-744-5885

Standard MK2 VR6 swapped items:
VR6 Corrado Cross Member (motor mount half)
A2 original Front Cross Member (radiator half)
VR6 Corrado K-Frame
A2 original A-Arms with new Tie Rods
A3 VR6 Control Arms included but not installed
Passat Non-Abs Brake Booster Bracket
Passat VR6 Peddle Assembly
New VR6 Throttle Cable
New VR6 Clutch Master Cylinder
New VR6 Clutch Cylinder
New VR6 Slave Cylinder
A3 VR6 Gas Tank
VR6 Golf Shifter and Cables
VR6 Cluster (not installed, original cluster also removed)
2 sets of wiring harness (one from VR6 golf and one from VR6 Passat) – Rewired everything so far only to be able to start/run engine (starts up every time), headlights, brake-lights, and turn signals

Other new goodies installed:
LSD Transmission with 3,200 miles
Brand new BFI Stage 2 Engine, Transmission, Front Mounts
Brand new Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate
Brand new AGM Battery relocated to trunk
Brand new 120 Amp Alternator
Brand new Stainless Steel Headers/Downpipe (original VR6 Headers included)
Brand new Techtonics 2.5” Cat Back Exhaust
Brand new Magnaflow Muffler
Brand new Aluminum Coolant “Crack” Pipe
Brand new Aluminum Thermostat Housing
Brand new Silicon Hoses
Brand new UroTuning Bulletproof Shift Bracket
Brand new VR6 Secondary Air Injection Delete Plug
Brand new Round Headlights
Brand new Cold Air Intake
Brand new Euro Bumpers Front and Rear with chrome trim
Brand new Heater-Core
Brand new A/C Evaporator-Core
Brand new Blower Fan
New Bilstein Shocks replaced by previous owner 2 years ago
Front brakes, pads, and stainless steel lines replaced 2 years ago when I purchased car

New restoration installs:
Stripped, scrapped, and replaced all sound deadening on floors of cabin
Installed fireproof insulation on firewall inside cabin
Installed new dark grey carpet (original trim pieces to hold carpet in place removed as seen in picture but included)
Cleaned and sealed heater box and installed New Heater-Core, New A/C Evaporator-Core, New Blower Fan

Needs immediate attention:
Both rear brakes are seized
Steering rack leaking power steering fluid from passenger side boot
VR6 Corrado Aluminum Radiator is clogged and needs replacing. (Inspected white gunk clogged in the radiator tubes and scrapped what I could. Flushed system with flushing agents a few times until no crud came out of system and flushed a few more times. New thermostat is opening. Still overheated after 30 mins of running. Felt cold spots on radiator with car running. Officially diagnosed by temporarily installing a spare Subaru radiator and car ran fine for 2 hours)

As seen in photo, right front fender was dinged due of an incompetent tow truck driver driving it onto flatbed and slightly hit the back of hit cab (slight surface rust beginning). Minor cracks on the current grille as well, but brand new uninstalled grille comes with purchase. Replaced the radiator support as well, but the slightly dinged one which still can be used also comes with purchase.
Car was originally white but previous owner sprayed it gray.
I cleaned, primed, and rattle canned the bay black with plans to painting the car black.
Brand new Euro Front and Rear Bumpers with chrome trim.

Volkswagen Bentley Manual Included

Note on pics:
Dash pic was prior to swap and currently not entirely assembled. However, parts are all included.
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