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This is what I have left for sale:
-Smoked mk2 taillights =$60
-Shaved big doors =$75 ea.
-Shaved hatch w/ motorized opener $75
-MINT rear parcel shelf =$100
-Mk2 8v Neuspeed MAF=$75
-Rear gti big bumper w support bar =$60
-Manual a2 8v rack w/ tierods =$125
-int. mk2 plastic(sills, hatch etc.) =$10 ea.
-Recaro front seats =$200
-MINT recaro gti door cards=$200
-rear a2 beam w/ vr stub axles and painted black =$60
-vr6 k-frame w/ power rack and tierods =$75
-Neuspeed rear strut bar =$50
-vr6 brake booster painted black =$50
-a2 gti windshield 1 yr. old with factory blue tint =$75
-hard brake lines from my a2 gti 3 out of 4, front to back =$150
-stainless braided brake lines(fromhard lines to callipers) for 8v =$50
-1995 glx N/A rad support =$50
-BBM sold front mount bnib =$50
- Brand new single round rad support =$60
-Pilot steering wheel red and black $50
-lower a2 engine support beam sandblasted and painted gloss black(looks new) $40
-Lower a2 rad support sandblasted powder coated black gloss =$50
- P.c black gloss prop rod, thats right prop rod =$20
- Audi chrome door latches =$50
-a2 tinted wind deflector w/hardware =$50
-pass side t-red fender =$50
-a2 8v throttle and clutch cables =$15 ea.
-a2 8v and vr6 pedal clusters =$25 ea.
-a2 ecu hard plastic cover =$20
Im sure Im forgetting a few things but Ill update later. Most of this stuff is what I paid for and just want my money back. Im pricing this stuff to sell so feel free to shoot me REASONABLE OFFERS! Also, none of my prices are including shipping and I WILL NOT ship heavy, bulky items. Thanks for looking http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: ***FS: mk2/vr6 parts in Ct*** (neuromancer_nyc)

BBM solid mount, autotech and neuspeed strut bars, engine support and lower rad support all sold thanks to neuromancer nyc. Good buyer and even better dude! Thanks man.

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Re: ***FS: mk2/vr6 parts in Ct*** (Jetta-J)

my pleasure brother...good doing business with a good seller (they seem to be rare on this site). thx for the kind words!
bump...lets get all his parts sold so this serious dubber can start his next project http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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