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For sale is my MK3 020 transmission that came out of my 1998 GTI. It has a Peloquin limited slip differential that was installed in 2004 at Yarrowsport garage. I have the receipt for the diff and work order as proof if needed. Technically Yarrowsport didn't do the diff install, they outsourced it to Shine Racing Service. Millage on the trans is about 78K...daily driven for 3 years with the diff and then only on the weekends up until recently.

The transmission most likely needs a rebuild/refresh due to issues that I was experiencing. When letting off on the clutch in first gear, the pedal would tend to lightly stick before allowing the pedal to freely go back up. I ruled out a clutch cable and anything related to the clutch pedal assembly. ALSO, on rare occasions, it wouldn't want to come out of gear even with the clutch fully down....I’d have to really force it out of gear. My guess is either something with the synchro's or fork...something was definitely binding up. No issues to complain about regarding the operation of the Peloquin diff.

I'm asking $500...local buyer preferred but willing to ship at buyer’s expense.


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