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Car is with its wonderful new owner, thanks!

I love this car, it's been a blast to build, is super fun to drive and turns heads everywhere. But I need to clear some more space, and just bought one of my dream cars so it's time for this one to go to a new owner.

Ridiculously long spec sheet. Almost everything is OEM and European market. Many parts are rare in Europe, nevermind being obscenely rare in North America.

Partial spec sheet..

Full OEM European market van conversion:
Rear OEM seat delete sub panels
Rear OEM cover full length
Rear OEM metal window delete panels - bonded not welded so can be removed if desired.
Rear OEM seat belt delete panels
Rear OEM door card deletes - no speakers, all vinyl covering.
Rear OEM full size spare tire with tool kit tray
OEM Euro Golf trunk opening protector panel
OEM Euro Golf trunk organiser - rare and in great condition which is super rare.

Right hand drive conversion:
Full RHD dash, wiring, wiper, carpet trim etc. Beaver upper and black lowers. Black door cards.
OEM RHD steering rack etc.
Painted and uninsulated RHD firewall
Non-ABS RHD brake setup etc.
Rhd non-AC setup
New RHD heater core
Rhd hood release
Euro headlight switch
Euro cluster - fully functioning
Upper and lower glove boxes
Euro center console front - no cup holders
Euro center console rear

1.6L petrol mk3 8v engine swap with matching transmission, clutch cable setup etc. full matching specific brackets and all other pieces.

Chrome button ebrake handle
Euro 2 spoke dished steering wheel
Euro OEM ecode headlights
Golf 3 slat grille
Euro OEM 1/2 length radiator
Euro OEM 1/2 length rad support
Euro OEM vento front bumper
Euro OEM late vento front lip
Euro OEM vento bumper grilles
Euro OEM amber turn signals
Euro OEM rear GTI taillights
Euro OEM front rebar
Euro OEM rear bumper
Euro OEM rear rebar
Euro OEM hatch
Euro OEM GTI side molding, with blank badge inserts
Euro OEM GTI wheel arch trim
SEAT Ibiza GTI 16v front seats with original factory donut headrests

Build thread is here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5938525

The car was originally a 1997 US market GTI 2.0. It was a Florida car before moving to PA about 4 years ago IIRC. It has coilovers on front and a cup kit on rear. Stock 2.0 size exhaust with rear silencer deleted - it actually sounds pretty great. There is a dent / poorly repaired section on the passenger rear quarter, the headliner is a bit tatty and there's 2 stone chips on the passenger side of the windshield. There's some other dents and dings dotted around. It is a sunroof car which works well. During the build there was some rust repaired on the floor - this was welded and treated. Gas door etc is not showing any rust. Manual windows and mirrors. At the moment the drivers window only goes down 1/2 way - I have not investigated further yet.

The car made the 1,600 mile trip to SOWO in Georgia this year and drives very nicely. Fuel economy is awesome, power isn't bad, it's happy to cruise at 80mph+ all day. Standard PA title in my name, no test drives without driving license and cash in hand. May consider selling without some of the rarer parts to reduce price, but will not part out. No trades please.

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Interested to see what happens with this. Glad you took a bit of my opinion into consideration. This car is a steal at this price and you couldn't even come CLOSE to building it for it let alone the hours into it. Couple finishing touches and this will be a show stopper.

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