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A very sad time has come. I must sell my carb swapped Coupe GT project. I've had the car since 2003, and it has been parked in my brothers driveway for the past 4 years. I have done so much to the car since I've owned it, and really hate to have to sell it, but my brother is moving in the next few months, and I have nowhere to store the car, and with a new house, and infant son, no time to give it the attention it needs. Here's a little about the car.

New parts replaced in the year prior to it being taken off the road.
SACHS clutch kit
fuel filters
clutch slave cylinder (German)
Timing belt water pump kit
all new accessory belts
brand new oil pump drive sprocket
gaskets and seals top to bottom
PS filter
OEM hardware
Mustang-mod solid motor mounts
034 delrin snub mount and bracket
NGK platinum plugs
cap and rotor
re-sealed PS pump
Aluminum fuel line from tank to engine bay
Recently did the 2 piece strut conversion and it is now running B5 A4 calipers up front, with new HD strut mounts, new wheel bearings, new proper ball joints, new shocks and Pi lowering springs (have the rears waiting to go on with the disc axle)
more that I'm sure I'm forgetting at the moment..

replaced before car was taken off the road for rebuild.

Clutch master cylinder
custom bent sway bar links and urethane bushings to run a coupe quattro sway bar.
new tie rod assemblies
new control arms and ball joints
subframe bushings
rear wheel bearings
Plug wires
both clutch fluid lines, from master to slave replaced with OE Audi parts.
both CV axles
cam followers
headlight switch relayed


front grill and lights from an 84 cgt
"custom" chin spoiler(from a ford truck)
audi 90 15" wheels
chocolate brown (looks black) front and rear seats and door cards in great shape
custom rear window speaker deck (could do with a re-trim)
carb manifold of unknown origin. I have seriously looked and asked EVERYWHERE, and cannot find out where this manifold came from, it is NOT VAG, I'm certain.
CIS delete replaced with Weber 32/36(only ran for a few hours) will come with good condition weber 38/38 outlaw synchronous carb
Edelbrock manual choke cabe
battery relocated to trunk
AEM wideband with brand new bosch sensor and brand new wiring/cables (gauge is fidgety, so may need to be replaced)
rare, true 5-2-1 two piece exhaust manifold (ABT I believe I was told?)
2+1/2" DP back exhaust with flowmaster muffler
black painted "coupe" rear reflector bar (have mint condition stock one that will go with the car as well)
push button start box installed in DS compartment/cubby hole thingy
carter fuel pump in the engine bay
practically every part of the engine was painted either flat black(block, head, PS pump, etc) or burnt copper (brackets, valve cover, timing cover, intake mani, etc.) flaking a bit now.
entire A/C system deleted
about 90% of engine bay wiring is sheathed and secured with current OE Audi wire securing plastics
head had a mild p+p and a 5 angle job done about 5 years ago
brake vacuum pump deleted with S&M motorsports block off plate

Extras that will go with the car:

A bin full of stuff. Extra door seals, good condition sun visors, extra tail lights, mint "coupe" rear reflector, stock headlights and trim, other misc. stuff
new KYB rear shocks
rear disc axle with prop valve, new textar pads, and a pair of brand new rotors (have surface rust from sitting)
over a dozen Weber carb jets to properly tune the carb
Bentley and Haynes manuals
brand new radiator
complete manual window parts, glass and all down to the winders (driver door card is off atm)
cleaned and plasti dipped black and in great shape manual mirrors (complete)
brand new CORRECT ebrake cables from Germany
Brand new OE e-brake cable armature repair parts and hardware (EVERYTHING needed to completely rebuild the e-brake).
All NEW OE hardware for the rear disc axle swap

a few other misc. things
and a 3"+ thick folder of records and receipts.

Solid car with only surface rust on the sunroof and along the sides where the trim was removed and bodywork begun (just sanding, lost my garage before I could go any further :/ )
Pulled hard and is VERY torque-y
One of a kind carb conversion, that I have yet to see anywhere else on the planet, lol.

Car is currently not inspected or running so will need to be trailered!
Drivers door card is off, and has a hole in it for the manual regulator winders
Needs minor body work TLC and paint
will need tires
No battery
dash is beat in the usual spot (indentation)
headliner has some sag pockets above the sun visors.
some small isolated damage to pillar trims (was going to re-trim everything)
lever adjust system for the seats reversed from type 81, to type 85, so adjustments are a little more involved. the pin has to be pulled by hand, at the rail.
blower fan speed switch is shot. From 1-3 are perfect, but 4 is a bitch and doesn't want to work.
Oil pressure gauge is out of its mind. Rarely works, and when it does, it spazzes out for a bit, then falls flat again.
cowl cover is missing
cluster dimmer is disabled
(The hood release cable and handle are totally absent from the vehicle, has hood pins)
One sunroof pull is broken have a new one to go with the car
can't really think of anything else atm..

This car is FWD!!!

I'm very, VERY sad to do this, but I no longer have the time to invest, and am losing the place it has been stored in the next few months, also I really need the money for a new furnace.

I'm looking to get $2500 OBO, which I do believe she is more than worth. But I will consider all offers, and am working on getting some pics up. If anyone would like pics before that happens, text or email me, and I'll send some right away. (I have hundreds, many build pictures as well)

Used A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator, and a few lines
Brand new sunroof seal sourced from highlandquattro.com
Brand new ABS reproduction cowl cover sourced from highlandquattro.com
Mint black dash

Will sell everything I have for the car for $3500 OBO

Feel free to message me through here, or my email with any questions. Car is located in New Castle Delaware, very close to I95 and I295
Thanks for looking!

[email protected]


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