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Bike was stolen, so I'm selling this now.

- OEM Base Bars 2-door - $140 (http://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-..._Bars/ES11049/)
Virtually brand new. Has a bit of bug juice on it that I'm going to clean before sale. On the car a total of about 30 days I'd guess. The hex tool that came with it has a little rust on it from moisture getting into the bag.

- Rockmounts Euro Pitchfork Red - $100 (http://www.rockymounts.com/Euro_PitchFork_p/1102.htm)
Spotless, looks brand new. Used 5-6 times. I payed over $120, including 2 lock cores that were $20.

- Surfboard/Sailboard carrier system - $30, Consists of two securing straps with rubber covers, 4 ski tie downs. Very similar to this: http://3092.static.securearea.eu/Glo...ge/1614674.jpg
The straps are a little frayed at the ends, but completely usable.

Pics soon.
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