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Have some things for sale for Mk5 model VW vehicles. If there is a picture and a description for something then yes it is still available and for sale. Everything is OBO, but please do not low ball me on things (I will not respond). I take payments through Paypal only and ship everything through USPS (unless you are local, in which local pickup is okay). You can private message me or comment on this post with any interest.

Pair of raceland shocks $40 obo plus shipping (these have been used for about 20k miles. Not leaking oil, but one shaft doesn't push itself back up after pressing in, and the other only slowing pushes itself back out. Top nuts are included).

unnamed (22) by Cameron Williamson, on Flickr

License plate bolt kit for Jetta $12 obo plus shipping (these are stainless and polished. These are new. These are correct for a jetta...unsure as for golf, gti, so on).

unnamed (23) by Cameron Williamson, on Flickr

Mk6 Oem climate control w/ trim $100 obo plus shipping (Came from a 2010 golf, everything is there except for the hardware, one plug in on the back of the trim, several plug ins on the back of the control. No scratches that I can see, just a little dirty. I am posting this in the mk5 section because i'm sure that someone would like to convert theirs to this).

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