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FS: OEM Clutch, Pressure Plate & Flywheel

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I bought this stuff from MJM and still have the receipt somewhere. I put this in at 68k and I just took it off now at 96k- so it has 28k on the whole setup. Buying all this stuff costs around $700, I'm not expecting to get anywhere close to that obviously. I'm only taking this off of my car because I'm going with a big turbo kit.

Here's some photos from today (sorry camera phone). This is a Sachs clutch kit and a LUK flywheel (both OEM suppliers for the TT). This clutch will work on a 20th AE Mk4 GTI, mk4 GLi 1.8T (6spd), and of course a mk1 TT 6speed only. Essentially any 02M transmission.

To clarify again, this will not fit a FWD TT or a 5spd Quattro TT unless they have been modified to use a 02M gearbox with a 240mm clutch disc.

Open to offers. Figured somebody might need a clutch on a budget. Clutch has a lot of meat left on it. I was extremely nice to this clutch since I abused my first one and paid the price by having to replace it early.

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i honestly dont even know what to offer? lol maybe you can throw a price at me
I'll say $300 shipped since it's a 50 lbs. package all said and done - that's going to cost me at least $40-50 to ship. For local pickup $250.

Sorry it was hard for me to price as well!
i'll take the flywheel off your hands.. text me 6105050470 or email me [email protected] a price shipped to 19401.. thanks
Thanks but I'm not sure I want to separate it yet unless somebody wants to chime in and pick up the pressure plate/flywheel.

I'd like to offer it as a package deal because the flywheel, clutch & PP all have identical wear since they all worked together.
well let me know if if/when u do want to just sell the flywheel
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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