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for sale is a smooth top vento front bumper i have. not going to use it anymore and i could use the money instead of sitting on it for the future. dont bother posting that you can find this bumper for cheaper from BFI, ECS or Autozone because you cant.

bumper is used so there are some nicks and scratches that a bodyshop would take care of before painting. the PO screwed in a duckbill lip so there are holes in the slot above where the lip mounts that cannot be seen. also two holes in the center area from where i assume a license plate bracket was mounted. again, not in plain view.

the lip is a OEM Vento lip. the one that looks like a NA lip, not the small CL model one. has some scrapes but id hope the buyer would just continue to add to these

before you ask, WILL NOT SHIP
bumper is located in zip code 10965, will meet up with a buyer within 30 miles.

any questions, please ask. now onto the pictures. lip wasnt fully pushed into the slot in these pictures. :heart:

1 - 20 of 73 Posts
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