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Have been working on this for some time and finally got it assembled & installed (still need to calibrate compass)

Combined an Audi A4/B7 auto-dimming rear view mirror with hidden compass with a VW MK4/B5/B5.5 rain sensing mount (& black interior paint) to create a black auto-dimming, rain sensing rear view mirror with hidden compass. I accumulated a LOT of VAG mirrors in pursuit of this and am now working on a non VAG OEM auto-dimming, rain sensing, Homelink or OnStar with compass & temp.

Anywhoo, I'm looking to sell at lest 1 of the 2 black auto-dimming, rain sensing rear view mirror with hidden compass I've built, as I only have 1 VAG rain sensing car.

The bad
Paint job is not the best and shows imperfections created during disassembly.
The swivel ball (tip of base, mounted to mirror housing) can't be painted.
Lost the downward red LEDs I had on my MK4 mirror.

The good
All OEM parts
Hidden compass (switchable)
Newer electronics (from Audi A4/B7)
Plug & play if you're already auto-dim/rain sensing
Cosmetic issues are only really noticeable when holding the unit in your hand inspecting it. Almost impossible to see when mounted in car.

Thinking $110 shipped 48 states

I'll get more/better pictures up soon

Glad to answer any questions if you want to DIY.

Basic "at night" shot

From outside the car, with no trim pieces around the windshield mount. I have the pieces that snap over the mount (1 set painted, 1 set factory black)
For color perspective, my seats & visors are grey, not tan.

Also have left over pieces, if anyone needs some "parts"
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