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Got my hands on some euro plates. Some are in better condition that others. Keep in mind these are used and are not being offered/sold as show quality Euro plates, these are just for fun. Some have holes, some have a few bends, some have 1 of the registration stickers removed & residue from that.

For matching pairs - $20 shipped 48 states
For singles - $13 shipped 48 states

While the #'s are fairly random, there are some I thought people might find of interest

Pair - EIC MJ 666
Pair - EIC DJ 666
Pair - EIC VR 66
Pair - EIC XX 38
Pair - EIC XX 38 (older font)

Pair - EIC DJ 78 (1 is smaller)

3 of the singles (& 1 pair) are the taller style where the EIC is on a separate line above the rest.

I'll work on getting pics, but can send fort now.

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