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fs or ft: white 91 crx si b16a2 swap

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like the title i have a 91 crx si witha 2000 b16a2 swap w. jdm cable b16 tranny
the good:
b16a2 out of a friends 2000 si w/around 70k on it
cable b16 tranny
dc sports stainless steel car back
new ksport fully adj coilovers
omni rear lca's
complete jdm crx sir front end(hood,fenders,bumper.headlights and corner lights)
skunk2 duel bend short shifter and shift knob
15x7 white kosie k1's with new dunlops
batt relocated the trunk with kit from summit racing
jdm sir cluster
jdm duel din center consold
jdm sir backseat
the car is switched from obd0 th 0bd2 witha rywire jumper harrness and it is ran on a p73(99 itr ecu)
jdm type r valve cover
the bad;
small ding and dents
drivers side rear quater and rear bumper needs some lovin
prob gonna need new front rotors and a drivers side axel some time soon
drivers side bolster its ripped
paint chips on front bumper

the car runs awesome and is super reliable its never given me one problem...i just dont have the time to fix the rear quater and i kinda want some thing stock to daily .....i love this car and wil not give it away soo please dont lowball but feel free to make a reasonable offer and im deff open to all kinds of trades http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

with the old wheels

how it sits now

exhaust and control arms

ill have pics of the damaged quater asap

Modified by ecd0304 at 8:22 PM 3-16-2008
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Re: (ecd0304)

forum rules man, you have to post a price.
nice car btw.
Re: (******)

Quote, originally posted by ****** »
forum rules man, you have to post a price.
nice car btw.

no need to ...its solddd
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