I built this engine for a customer about 10 years ago. He ran into some financial trouble and couldn’t pick it up. It has been sitting inside a plastic bag inside a crate since then. I would definitely replace the timing belt- obviously it’s new, but they do degrade over time.

2.0 Liter displacement

New VW Block
New 2.0 FSI forged crank
Supertech 82.5mm pistons 8.8:1
Integrated Engineering rods with forced pin oiling
ACL+.001 calico coated rod bearings
New Front and rear seals
New main bearings w/extra clearance
New Arp main studs
New crank Bolt
New Block breather gasket
New oil pump/chain/tensioner
New oil pan
CAT Adjustable cam sprocket for 06A 1.8T
Large bore head gasket for 1.8T
ARP 10mm head studs for 06A 1.8T
Timing Belt Kit for AMB, tensioner,
roller, belt
Waterpump for 06A
Cam Chain Tens no vvt
Internal wrenching Flywheel bolt.
Pilot Bearing
OEM Hydraulic lifters for 1.8T
ARP 06A Crank Sprocket Bolt
Eka grip Cam drive shim
EkaGrip Flywheel Shim 1.8T
AEB Head w/ fresh valve job
Ferrea Valves, Springs, Ti retainers
Schrick cams

Total value is over $10,000. $5000 OBO Best Email [email protected]
Can ship