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Posted for my friend in Cape Cod as he doesn't have Internet.

Thinning the parts stash. I've got some good stuff to get rid of. A few things would be pick up only due to the size.
I'm located in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod.
If there's something you need, ask and I might have it.

Radiator (original equipment) with fan and shroud

Very nice black dash with only a few small cracks at the defrost vents.
$75 (not bad to ship considering the size)

Airpress window vent shades. Super rare. Made in West Germany. $50 for the set. Only set I've ever seen.

Motometer gauge cluster with metal speedo gears. Everything works. $50

Rear brake proportioning valve in perfect working condition. Looks a little crusty but I cleaned it up and tested it. It's good to go. These are no longer available and they are almost always not working. $40

Clean, unbroken dash plastics. I have a few sets. $50 a set.

Grills. I have a few of these too...$30 each

Clean front bumper cover and bumper. $75?
Clean rear bumper cover without bumper.

Only pic of the front I have right now...

Full rear cargo area plastics. Rare non-cargo cover version. $100

Rare non-headrest back seat backs. $50

Air intake boots. I have a couple in good shape. $40 each
Pics soon.
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