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These are in very good condition for the age. Look better than my crappy camera portrays. I have owned many Quantums over the years and these were by far the best condition panels I have seen. I now own none and I am selling off my Q gear.

Grey fabric with black handles and accessories. Includes everything except for speaker grills, as seen in photos. Even has foam sound deadening pieces. I have not seen those on any of my other Quantums.

Still in good shape. Fabric still securely attached to molded fiberboard. No tears in vinyl. The only flaws are one 1/2" puncture in towards rear of passenger front panel as seen in photo, and some light white staining on the drivers hand rest. Not sure what it is. Some came off with a little scrubbing. Maybe it can be cleaned up more?

Included are (4) door panels, foam deadening, (4) handles, accessories including window cranks, trims, backdoor ashtrays, and a big ol' bag of screws, etc.

Prefer local pickup in the Lynnwood-Everett area of Washington State. I looked into shipping and the prices seemed ridiculous. But if you want shipping add $20 for the hassle and cost of finding a custom sized box, plus whatever the shipping is. I weighed everything right around 20 lbs, so probably about 22 lbs total with packaging. Dimensions will be roughly 36x24x14.

Pics are here: http://imgur.com/a/bC1C1vb

Asking $150 for a rare item, not many Q's left to part off of.
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