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Are u willing to ship...greensburg pa area...thanks
Hummm I probably would if you are flipping the bill and can accept frieght delivery.

**Note to all interested in this service there will be a 50 surcharge for my troubles of palletizing and dropping off at frieght center on top of the frieght bill. **

Vin, if you would wanna meet up in Harrisburg this could be arranged. Just would want a little extra gas money for the truck($30). The beast sucks down gas like a alcoholic on a bing! I would probably have to throw another 30 on top of yours for the round trip but that's whatever.

Another note to all I am not trying to inflat the cost of this or anything but when I bought this I paid for the conveyence of this item and as the next person should prepare to do the same. Things do not move themself for free these days. Nothing personal but I have been gettings some interest lately that really has me scratching my head.
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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