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fs: recaros

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i have a set of black and gray recaros that came in my car, front and rear. i wrecked my car and need some cash. im looking to get $350 for both front and rear. has the normal wear and tear on the bolsters.

im me or call, 443-528-1251. local pickup is prefered.
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Re: fs: recaros (mholmes)

like the seats wondering if u would be willing to ship
no shipping but will meet halfway for $400 total
Re: (mholmes)

where exactly is half way and what car kind of car did they come out of, more importantly will they fit a 92 jetta four door and do u have the door cards to match
they will fit in your car. the seats came with my car and it is a 91 4 door. no door cards. im in baltimore and i dont know where you are. you figure out where halfway is and ill meet you there for $400
Re: fs: recaros (mholmes)

im friends with the guy with the 92
halfway would be in delaware because we r in nj
and how good r the back seats
that driver seat doesnt look too healthy
its normal wear on these seats. the back seats are good. could use some cleaning
Re: (mholmes)

got pics of the back seats and some others of the wear on the drivers seat just want to b sure i get to see everything
waiting to see whats gong on with my insurance company. i wsa looking at the seats and the brakets are broken. the seats do have a lean to them and one of the knobs is missing for the back. once i get info from my insurance company i will take best offer for the seats. it took someone else to point out the flaws in the seats
Re: (mholmes)

alright well let me know as soon as possible
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