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A couple years back the leaky/clogged sunroof struck and shorted out the Kessy(?) unit causing the starter to crank until it burned itself out. Wasn't worth repairs and by some miracle, my full coverage insurance paid out as an act of God. They wanted too much for me to keep it and try to fix it. I'm left with a few odds and ends I no longer need:

1) Bentley Repair DVD - Only usable on Windows 2000 or XP - I installed it once and the licensing agreement allows one more install. - $50
2) CD (or is it DVD?) changer from the glove box. I never used it and removed it to install item #3 - $20 SOLD!
3) iPhone (40 pin I think) and 3.5mm Aux input cord to plug into replace the glove box CD Changer.- $100 - Cannot locate the 30 pin iPhone/iPod cord. 3.5 mm jack is there and still will work. $40
4) Oil filter black plastic cover from a 2004 V8 Phaeton and at least one oil filter (I may have more than one and will include all I have). I replaced the plastic with the machined aluminum which unfortunately stayed with the car so I still have the OEM black plastic one. It's a little damaged, but still serviceable. - $10

Make offers!

PS: Every day's a sad day driving a 2008 Scion xB instead of a Phaeton. :(
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