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I’m selling the only 7a mods & parts
from my coupe that Im doing the 20vt
swap into. Its a 2 plug ecu. Early 1990
build CQ. Feel free to make offers. Can
cut discounts on multiple parts. No reasonable
offers turned down. Help me clear space.

4. 7a shortblock $500 shipped
Crank, main caps, piston, rods,
etc included

6. 7a MAF - $75 shipped
Dealer Audi/vw stamped

8. 7a intake manifold $100 shipped

10. 7a idle air valve $60 shipped

14. 7a air box $50 shipped

15. 7a throttle body with good tps $100 shipped

20. Stock coupe driveshaft $100 + shipping

22. 7a starter—$60 shipped

23. Power steering bracket—$50 shipped

24. Alternator bracket—$50 shipped

25. A/c bracket—$50 shipped

26. Ignition coil & control module—$100 shipped

27. 7a engine harness—$125 shipped

28. Coupe radiator—$100 shipped

29. Good coolant hose set—$50 shipped

31. Aux radiator setup—$50 shipped

32. Radiator fan & shroud $50 + shipping

33. 7a ZF power steering pump—$250 shipped

36. 1990 coupe quattro a/c components—
The whole A/C system— A/C compressor
4-5 high pressure lines, condenser with
pressure switches, evaporator, receiver
dryer— $300 shipped for all of it. I can
split it up for less upon request.

37. Working coupe climate control head—$100 shipped

37. Whole grey interior except dashboard & door cards— $offers
Let me know what you need

38. 7a water outlets & 7a thermostat housing— $60 shipped

39. 2 7a oil pumps— $100 shipped a piece

40. 01a shift linkage—$50 shipped

41. Coupe quattro custom made 3 inch exhaust—$500 + shipping or $500 picked up..It goes from the small mid pipe off the bag o snakes header all the way back to a big magnaflow muffler and twin big polished tips

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Inner Tail Light

Is the inner tail light for a sedan, and if so is it for a B3 or a B4?
Also, is the left, the right, or the pair?
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