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No idea what the stuff is worth but want to get rid of it. Came off of a 2006 MK5 GTI. Got the car with 35000k on it and immediately took these parts off.

I have a stock downpipe with CAT in great shape. Has about 35000k on it, no tears in the flex, rust holes or anything, pretty much ready to install.....if you for some reason need a stock downpipe. Maybe 150-200$? I could ship, but that would be up to you, otherwise I'm in the Milwaukee area (53012) for local pickup.

The intake.....has a filter in it, new with the car when I got it. Its the whole intake and engine cover piece for whatever that is worth........200$? NO idea

Shoot me an offer if your interested.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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