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I've got a set of supersports. springs are a different company. I was told they're off some oldschool B&Gs but I'm not sure.
there are no bumpstops and no helper springs
these are not for the faint of heart
this is not cupkit low
at the height they're set at I was dragging subframe all over
they come with whatever bushings I had on my previous car.
one of the fronts isn't spinning freely but at the height they're set you're not gonna wanna spin them any lower. there are threads left on the fronts rears are bottomed out.
I can't post pics because I don't have a computer and I'm using my phone to create this post
if you want to see how low they are click the 94 golf link in my sig it's a rolling shot with them installed at the current height
if you needs pics of the lowness check some of my threads it's in there
I was damn near close to laying frame on 15s
they bounce but not nearly as bad as my weitecs do.
they're not as comfortable as ultralows
about equal to patecs but a little softer
looking to get $400
located in queens, ny
again these are not for the faint of heart
you will be dumped and hitting subframe all day long.
post here, send me an IM or email me at [email protected]
first come first serve
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