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heres the story. i bought this for my BT build, well heres my car now.
heres the original thread when i bought it. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3492171. most of the info is on there. i have never used this since i bought it. its been tapped up and sitting. these are the only pics i can get cus my camera was in the car, these are from my phone:

innovative compressor housing, and obviously a turbonetics exhaust housing. minimal shaft play, overall very clean shape. i am including a 3" v-band adaptor for the exhaust side aswell.
looking for $400 shipped and paypalled obo. i cannot use this and i need money for a new down payment. thanks!

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Quote, originally posted by spitfire481 »

give me a call buddy i sent you my phone number through pm i am looking for something like this sorry to hear about the jetta
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