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I have a 034 IIC Standalone with a 034 wiring harness w/relay panel for a VR6. Includes a splitter for the crank signal and the oem wiring needed to retain the sensors to keep the cluster happy. Also have a bracket made up for the coils it uses to bolt into the stock location, the coils themselves, plug wires, and obd1 throttle body.

I bought the IIC used and than purchased the wiring harness from 034 as well as the plug wires, DIS coils, vr sensor splitter, etc. Throttle body is used. Only thing you need to be up and running is a DBC pedal assembly and cable.

I am not sure which firmware the ecu currently has i would have to call 034 and see but i know its not the most up to date. Upgrade is like $150 i think. This setup worked flawlessly but it just wasnt ideal for what the car was being used for so i pulled it after maybe a week and just went with a united tune.

All said and done new this is over $3k worth of parts. Id like to get $2kobo shipped. I would entertain trades for 24v turbo parts and 1.8t turbo parts. I could also arrange to have the ecu updated if thats a deal breaker.

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