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FS: TRed 2000 Jetta 1.8t 5sp in Rhode Island $500

Price drop...

$500 takes it home. Cash only, will not ship or deliver. Car is in Coventry, RI. I own it.

223,xxx miles
150 HP 1.8t
5 speed manual

New in summer 2015:
rear axle bushings
ebrake cables
rear brake pads
rear pass side brake caliper
various brake hardware, bolts, slide pins, bleeder screws for rear brakes only

New in past 3 years:
crankshaft position sensor
fuel pump relay

Things to know:
Timing belt will probably need doing in a year or two. The upgraded waterpump with metal impeller was used last time belt was changed (March 2008, 156k miles)
Has Shine Real Street suspension kit including swaybar with about 110k on it
Audi TT wheels, one is slightly bent. It's in the back and you can't tell it's bent. Tires are Kumho Ecsta ASX. Fronts have between 4/32" and 5/32" tread, and rears have about 6/32" tread. One rear tire is worn slightly uneven (more tread on outside than inside). Seems that you could get some life out of them, but not a ton. 6/32" is where my gauge turns from green to yellow.
Comes with extra set of 15" alloy VW wheels, 1 extra coil pack (bought two when one failed a couple years ago)
One of the front drive axles has a torn outer boot and is slinging grease on things
Some noise from up front when driving (could be wheel bearings, brakes, etc.)
Front passenger door card is coming apart a little (see pic)
Headliner is starting to sag near sun visor (see pic)
Most parts are original (engine, trans, starter, radiator, alternator, AC, clutch, all wheel bearings, fuel pump, turbo)
Still haven't gotten around to finding clips to hold hard brake lines to rear axle after work last summer
Brake pedal is spongy after replacing brake caliper (I believe it needs to have the ABS pump cycled)
It's been rear ended at least once. Quonsett Auto Body did the work, and there are no problems resulting from that (last one was probably in 2003-2005 sometime)
Never had bagz, rimz, lightz, subz or anything else that ends in a z. Nothing has been hacked or messed with. Car has been owned by someone in my family since new. Not babied, but certainly not abused.
Car didn't want to start in the cold. I did get it started on a warmer day last week and drove it around a bit. Put some fuel stabilizer in it. Tried to top off the tank and the pump kept shutting off. I'm wondering if there is also a fuel problem somewhere. Price lowered accordingly.

Getting rid of car because it's a second car that I haven't touched much for 4+ years. Maybe 1000 miles in past 5 years. Just bought a different car and want to make room. Could make decent first car for someone inclined to work on it, winter beater, BABE rally, etc.


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To the top. Added info about tires. Not too bad. Open to offers.
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