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Hi all,

Apologies my first post about these was in the wrong place and got deleted. I sold my Mk7 R a month back and I had a few parts I never got to install and can't return. They are in the original box and packaging. I had also bought new strut hardware/hats from ECS for the install to replace with new parts. I've since sold the H&R 24mm sway bar.

The MSS kit Retailed at $900 and the strut/hat hardware retails at about $150. Both new and unused, just sitting here.

MSS Kit are dual springs for ride comfort and sport handling and they are height adjustable like coil overs. I suggest doing research, they are a great but not cheap product.

I can send pictures, or I'll post them here after the work day. I'm asking $800 for all of the above.
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