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OK. The GTI is going. I am now liquidating all my stuff...and for cheap. So get it while the gettings good.
I have various interior trim pieces that I need to get rid of. All of what you see below will be sold together for $60 shipped. I will sell separately, but the pieces are gona be much more expensive that way, b/c I don't want to sell 2 things for $20 and then be stuck with the rest.
pics because I know the deal

Included is the:
1)radio cage
2)hvac knob panel
3)cupholder delete
4)ashtray cover
5)piece below radio cage
6)door handles both
7)lock pins
8)hood latch/release (i'll throw this in for kicks.)
all you have to do is sand them down & then paint for a really cool interior change.
I can be reached between M-F 8am - 5pm through IM. Otherwise call 717-475-9386 (Adam)
money talks gents.
edit. price is actually $60. sorry boys

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