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Hey guys,

Over the years, I've kept all the old parts that came off my R when I modified it (unless the part was damaged/worn out, then I'd toss it). I'm moving soon and thought this would be a good time to just go through it all, try to sell it, and if not, then toss the stuff. I've also collected some brand new (suspension) parts I never got around to installing, and likewise, will attempt to sell that stuff too.

I'm currently located in Mississippi, but willing to ship wherever in the US.

Note: All the brand new suspension components came out of an ECS Tuning Suspension Refresh Kit (Part number: ES#3022538) - you can see their website for additional details.
Note: All used components are in good functioning condition, unless otherwise noted.
And lastly, I tried to come up with reasonable prices, shipping included. Some of these parts (i.e. struts) may be quite bulky to ship, so assuming no wildly unforeseen shipping fees associated with them, my asking prices will include shipping.

I can send you additional pics if needed.

Brand new Febi steering boot set (unopened bag) - $15 shipped
- no pic because you can't see them through the bag anyways. Mfg part number: 1K0423831AS1

Brand new Febi tie rod end set - $45 shipped

Brand new Vaico tie rod set - $45 shipped

Brand new 034 motorsports street density dogbone mount set - $50 shipped

Brand new red coil pack harness loom - $15 shipped (note - this didn't fit my R)

Brand new URO bump stops and protective boot covers for shocks - $30 shipped

Used stock rear shocks and mounts (58k miles) - $75 shipped

Used stock rear springs (58k miles) - $100 shipped

Used front struts (both) (58k miles) - $200 shipped

the other one looks the same.

Used 034 motorsports track density front strut mounts and used OEM strut bearings (28k miles) - $60 shipped

Used 034 motorsports adjustable front sway bar endlinks (note: the aurora bearings are shot) (19k miles) - $60 shipped

Used 034 motorsports adjustable rear swar bar endlinks (note: the aurora bearings are shot) (19k miles) - $50 shipped

Used stock harmonic balancer (87k miles) - $50 shipped

Used stock transmission mount (87k miles) - $40 shipped

Used stock engine mount (87k miles) - $50 shipped

Used stock throttle body charge pipe (92k miles) - $50 shipped

Used stock turbo outlet pipe and flange (92k miles) - $100 shipped

Used stock front sway bar end links (86k miles) - $50 shipped

Used stock coil packs (93k miles) - $60 shipped

Used stock front side amber reflectors - $15 shipped
- pic coming in next post

Used ECS billet aluminum oil filter housing (18k miles) - $40 shipped - SOLD
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