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FS - Viper CAI

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I'm thinking about selling my Viper Cold air intake for a MKIV TDI. My MAF went recently but I'm not sure if if this was the problem. I was running it for a few hundred miles and everything was fine until I changed my fuel filter. That was when my MAF went. I had a K&N drop-in for about 10k before, so that may have weakend it. The Viper has around 600 miles on it, not much at all. I still have the original box, stickers, hardware - everything that came with it when I got it. I'm asking $180, retail is I believe $250.....that should just about cover my new MAF. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to e-mail me: [email protected], or just reply to this post. Thanks
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Re: FS - Viper CAI (NJTDI)

Will your Viper fit the 1.8T or is it TDI-specific?
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