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I have decided that I cannot resist the fenders any more. I want the wide body. I have a 2001 Santorian Blue 2.7T that has 90k on it. It is a hard to find 6 speed. Timing belt was replaced at 63000. Interior was originally brown but it is now black with a custom alcantara headliner and pillars. It has brand new 18" wheels with continental A/S tires. All scheduled maintenance has been done. Car has been taken care of. It is missing the left side headlight wiper washer cover.

As I stated I am looking for a 2001+ C5 4.2L Sedan. Less miles the better. I would really prefer either Santorian Blue, Black, Green, or Light Blue. I really would not want a silver or white one. I can handle basic mods being done but nothing too serious.

I am located in Denver, CO but would drive somewhere for the right opportunity
Shoot me a msg, or email me at [email protected]
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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