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Dont want to get rid of it but I am in need of something larger for the family that can tow. Price is $12,000 or Willing to trade for a newer euro SUV with a towing capability. Ie. Porsche cayenne, audi q7, Volkswagen touareg, BMW x5, ect ect

Purchased from original owner in stokes on Trent, England and Imported by me in August of 2020, currently titled, registered, inspected and insured in Pennsylvania. Stacks of paperwork through the years. Car was originally Chagall blue, harlequin rep paint Painted by wreck-a-mend paintworks in Telford using original paint codes.

53000 original miles on the 1.9 NA diesel 1Y motor no unusual noises or unusual smoke only has 60hp but runs strong :ROFLMAO:, 5 speed trans shifts beautiful through all gears no noises or pop outs. Interior is plain cloth in good shape no rips, tears, or stains just very plain, and any rust has been taken care of very small bubble on rear quarter arch.. Custom exhaust, coil overs, EGR removed, green Hella Magic colors imported from Poland, Roof racks, Color matched rado steelies,Tons of recent brake and suspension work at 47000. (New strut bushing, wheel bearings, tie rods, control arm, ball joints. Brakes upgraded from solid 9in rotors to standard mk3 rotors new pads and rotors) gets around 52mpg highway. No AC car.

Note: if you don't like harlequin reps or you don't approve of them. Don't click the ad. Simple as that 👌 bottom line this car gets tons of attention being right hand drive and 4 different colors. It's a very fun conversation starter for everyone not just vw enthusiasts. Don't buy this car if you don't like talking to people because I can't stop and get gas without having at least 1 or 2 people want a picture or want to chat. Also get ready for all.your friends to.know your whereabouts at all times.

You can comment or pm me here but I don't check vortex all that much anymore. I will try to remember or you can call or text me at 267-374-6028 I don't usually answer calls from strange numbers but if you text first and want to talk I'm down.

Google link for pics
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