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VERY CLEAN car that's been garaged winters.

I might be willing to trade for your clean 2 door MKIII Golf.

MILEAGE: 134,XXX New timing belt / H2O pump @110, 000 miles

Leather and real wood grain interior
Power EVERYTHING including moon and sunroof
Premium stereo w/cassette

Chrome wheels
Tinted windows
Black with gold trim
I am second owner and have always babied this car! (Ask my wife! She'll tell you I was a bit ridiculously over protective)
ENGINE: 2.5L running @ 185 HP
Collectible and limited in production
Only bad spots on car are on the rear wheel wells (typical Honda rust) on the left side I smeared black caulking to seal out water. It looks pretty obnoxious in pictures, but isn't very noticible in person.


First person to show me $2000 gets the car. It appraises in current condition with current milage for $3600-4800.
Buy to sport and drive. Buy to make a buck, I don't care. But I have to sell immediately!

HONDAS RUN FOREVER! And this car isn't quitting anytime soon!
Email me for more pictures: [email protected]
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