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Yamaha 1.5L ITBs for 4 cyl $225 obo

The ITBs are off of a wave runner I was told and are 45mm if I remember correctly (Ill remeasure, its been awhile) and spacing is just a bit wider than a 16v but very doable. Includes fuel rail and the Yamaha injectors (I did not verify the size). Each TB has a vacuum port that comes together at a single collector, and there is a TPS installed so you can play with the control algorithm.

The MS ECU has sold. I still have an MS2 daughter board for $80 (decided to upgrade to MS3 on my VR car instead). The daughterboard has never been installed.

I collected parts over the years to build an ITB 16v car, including a car and ABA short block, but ended up selling it all off due to too many big projects. Theres just more I want to do and this is what I had left. I also have an Euro NA 20v A4 lower mani with the round port ends if someone wanted to add these to a 20v car that Id be willing to part with.

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