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Hey everyone I'm cleaning out the garage and found a bunch of Corrado stuff from back when I had one. If anybody knows what happened to mine let me know I had a black/tan 92 SLC, sold it to a dude with volkswagen tattooed on his forearm and a pontiac dad... but I digress...

I need this stuff gone come pick it up, located in beautiful CHINO, CA. Will trade for weird stocking stuffers or novelty drinks or just 40s of malt liquor.

Give me a call 909 248 FRED. Email [email protected]


Some highlights:
aux water pump with brackets/hardware
ac oring kit r134
fuel rail with injectors
bunch of left over vacuum line stuff for non-abs conversion
fan shroud piece
oil cooler cover
advanced motorsport vr6 distributor ecu chip never installed
120a alternator
vr6 distributor w/ cap and rotor
EGR stuff
pulley tensioner
oil cap and rubber drip catcher
coil pack
crack pipes
sai pump
idle control valve
cam chain tensioner bolt
shifter linkage
oil pump
intake hose
aluminum intake manifold
amber side markers
rear engine mount bracket
plastic valve cover
coil pack vr6 ecu
ac compressor
timing chain cover
grey fabric rear seats with matching hatch lid cut for speakers
sweet AMERICAN RACING wheels with rotten tiers 5 lug
vr6 grill
thermostat housing with sensors and bunch of coolant hoses
oil cooler samco hoses
interrior reading light
5 gallon jug someone made gross wine in

Orig owner 90 g60, 02 allroad 6SP M w/ 3rd Row, 07 3X White NB Vert, 09 Escalade ESV Plat to tow em
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How much for the juG??

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