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the car has about 170k

put new parks and wires on about 2 months ago
has recaro mk2 interior bbs rims with 10mm in front and 20 mm on back
got a tt downpipe with brand new cat and borla muffler
new timing cover on it
current supercharger has about 10k
pushing 9 pounds
got a stage 4 kit with
260/268 cams
adjustable cam gear auto tech
new fpr
bbm stg 4 chip
isv reroute
new them and fan switch
new 68mm sc pulley
rebuild kit with bearings and grease

also not another g60 head with 100k on it
and got Porsche twist reps
i also cleaned the wiring abit with zipties so its looks cleander and not a hot mess
both battery terms were replaces
replaced the start got 2 fresh door cards
hids 12000k

the badd

hood cable broke i put a chain behind the grill so all you have to do it pull it and it works
it has hood pins from po
didnt have back seats when i got it i got seats but they look like **** from trunks view
has sound system or radio
pass side has black primer on it from po he said there was dings n fixed it
sunroof seal sucks but dosent leak when raining i would replace or put a b4 sunroof in
has no inner door handle the broke from po

i just want a daily car for my family must be 5 speed

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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