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eh, i need to replace my fuba mast the thing is rotting and looks like asssss.
ive seen generic masts to convert non-fuba'd cars to fubariffic, but they also look like ass. im looking for a mast/seal set that covers the metal base of the fuba mast and looks uber nice/shiiiiiny. so yeah, any ideas where i can get one?
ive looked at a few sites mostly everyone sells antennas (pictured on top of nice fuba masts, but they dont sell the masts themselves
yea, much thanks for any help.

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Re: fuba mast replacement ? (DiscoStu)

he's not talking about the whip part...he's talking about the rubber seal and plastic base I think...I seem to remember potterman's carries them..or you could try the dealer? Let us know, cause mine is rotted too
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