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Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e

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Wondering if and how the CIS and CIS with knock control fuel distributors varied and how? Could you use a CIS-e fuel distro in a non CIS-e car like a Rabbit GTI? Would you need to add the CISe fuel distro to add the knock control?
Thanks in advance.. I have a sticky airflow plate and have a line on a cheap fuel distro..
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Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (need_a_VR6)

You mean the fuel distributor hasn't yet chosen to fall off the bunny, Paul?

The KS system is independent of the fuel distributor--you can install it on a CIS car without changing over to CIS-E. Looking @ Bentley, the CIS and CIS-E units are pretty different, in terms of the fuel distributor heads.(CIS-E has the Differential Pressure Regulator)..but you're concerned more about the airflow sensor unit. Looks to me like the CIS-E unit is also different, but I can't remember if the CIS units have a potentiometer in them or not?

If the CIS fuel distributor head will mount to the CIS-E sensor plate you might be able to make it work.
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Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (SeattleGLI)

Well, that hasn't fallen off.. yet.. I did loose an Audi lower intake tube off my airbox once
I guess the next thing to get sucked down into the void would be the whole airbox and fuel dist

Alright, that's a start, but I didn't think of one thing before I asked.. what side would the dist and flow plate mount on! I think all the CIS-e 8v cars have the pass mounted airflow meter and dist. I doubt that they are side swappable, so I think there goes my brilliant idea. Oh well! I guess I'll have to track down a good bunny dist! (edit. did Mk2 8v Roccos have KS?)
Do you think erratic idle and a low rpm / low load power loss could be the airflow plate ? Especially if I can feel it sticking?

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Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (need_a_VR6)

Mine is doing the same thing. I am curious also.
mk2 rocco was ks lambada wasn't it.

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Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (CARVER)

That's what I'm not sure of, I don't know if the later Mk2 Rocco 8v's ones had the 10:1 and the KS like the 85 GTIs. Or were all the 8v Roccos just CIS-lambda with no knock?
Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (need_a_VR6)

Just use the knock system from the CIS-E. CIS-E uses an entirerly different set up with an external pressure regulator that runs at a lower PSI. The CIS-E also uses and electrohydraulic (in place of the warm up) valve that is driven off a CIS-E only ECU. Fuel lines are not located in the same place, so all of that will need to be custom. The only advantage to the CIS-E is the knock sensor, which you don't need any CIS-E fuel parts to make it work on a CIS/Lambda.
Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (gearhead455)

I'm not trying to install a KS system, and I'm sorry that you got confused with my intent. I was wondering if a fuel distro from a KS car would work in a non KS car. I have an airflow plate problem, not a knock/ignition distributor problem.
Still, I'd like to know if the 8v Roccos were non KS.
Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (need_a_VR6)

Why don't you just fix the sticking, if it's the plunger that can easily be removed and cleaned, if the plate itself is sticking fix the bearings in the pivot.
Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (need_a_VR6)

CIS-E and a CIS/Lambda fuel distributors are in no way a direct swap.
Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (gearhead455)

I haven't measured the distance down to the plunger bearing, but anyhow the CIS-Lambda FDs are held on by 3 bolts - two with the CIS-E and its rotated...
Why would one want to switch anyways? No advantage as far as I'm concerned.
Peter T.
Re: Fuel Distributor, CIS vs CIS-e (Peter Tong)

I had a line on a cheap one, and I know that my airflow plate is sticky at low lifts.
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