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:Fuel gauge Sender:

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Ok, heres a question that I really need some answers or opinions on.
One day my cluster started to malfunction, specifically my Fuel, temp, clock, and idiot lights didn't work, I replaced the blue plastic blanket (that has all these resisters and wires, you know what im talking about?) and the lights started to blink again, but the guages were still messed up
.. I mean thy used to turn off and on, like one day thy don't work and a week later thy start again...
Right now I have a temp. out of a GTI so I don't really need that fixed just the Fuel. Also the thing i really need is the speedo so is there a way to cut off everything on the cluster so I just have the speedo instead of this useless box?

How do I fix??
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Re: :Fuel gauge Sender: (DieselDemon)

One more question. Is there a guage that is compatable to the sender on the tank?
Re: :Fuel gauge Sender: (DieselDemon)

the speedo is not electric, it is driven by the cable on the back of the cluster on the driver's side o0nj the cluster and either has a white clip or it screws on
it has a square 1/16" drive cable
the fuel level sender is a violet/black wire to the cluster
i dont think the cluster is the problem, chack all the wiring and the fuses, i think it's 4a
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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