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fuel Milage

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My 84 GTI seems to be getting terrible gas mileage, i just started daily driving her a couple weeks ago and i have already gone through 3 tanks of gas.
its got a cam and some other little mods here and there but i kind of expecting to get better mileage than this i mean after all its only a 1.8.
so basically i am just wondering what kind of mileage you other bunny owners are getting?
my car has gotten about 250 km for this last tank....
is this normal or is there something going on here?
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Re: fuel Milage (Jardman)

How many miles are you driving a day?
Re: fuel Milage (EuroKid83)

i dont travel to far maybe something like 10 km or 6.2 miles
just from home to school then to work after school and back home on a regular day.
Re: fuel Milage (Jardman)

WOW you must live close to work and school. How often are you filling up?
Re: fuel Milage (Jardman)

dude, you really need to sit down and do the math - I get somewhere around 17-22mpg city and I have a pritty big cam on there. (just dont hall balls everywhere and your set)
yep, i live very close to school and work and its hard to say how often i fill up because i JUST got my bunny on the road.
and as for sitting down and doing the math... i am just working on a tank right now it has about 1/4 left and ive only gone about 250 km or 155.3 miles
Re: (Jardman)

When was the last time you did a tune-up? Also when was the last time you checked the idle mixture setting? If your looking for a improvement in mileage I would suggest...
New O2 sensor, spark plugs, cap and rotor, air filter, fuel filter.
Check the ignition timing, idle mixture, and adjust as necessary.
How you drive also plays a part in fuel mileage.
Re: (EuroKid83)

i have never really done a tune up .... could probably use one tho and when i get the funds it will be the first thing i get done. i know that she needs it.
and i do drive pretty hard sometimes but not like i launch at every stop or redline before every shift or anything
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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