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Fuel Pump Dying?

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Last night, I was going down the road and when I stopped at a red light, I heard a high pitched whining noise. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and then realized it was my car! It lasted for about 2 minutes and then stopped. Shortly after, the car started surging a little back and forth, almost like it was missing. About 2 miles further down the road, it died and won't start back up. Instead of the usual few seconds of smooth humming from the fuel pump, it sounds like a sick animal. Fuel pump? It's a 93 Cabby with 160k on the clock.
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Re: Fuel Pump Dying? (jeepvolks)

That one has an in-tank pump (transfer pump) that might be covered by a recall. Check with your dealer. It sounds like the transfer pump died. Maybe some time ago, in which case the main could be dead as well.
There are other threads dealing with this as well, you should search for "transfer pump"
Re: Fuel Pump Dying? (jeepvolks)

It could be either the transfer pump or the main pump. If it's the transfer pump, they're fairly easy (and a lot cheaper) to replace. The transfer pumps go for around $45 and the main pump on a Digifant Cabby is around $285. Your best bet is to replace the transfer pump and see if takes care of the problem. The car can't run on just the transfer pump so if you replace it and it still doesn't run you know it's the main pump.
Re: Fuel Pump Dying? (16vCabrioletofNJ)

oh this sounds soo familiar!
i got a re-built fuel pump and a new pre-pump and it fixed the problem. I did the latter first, and it still whined...so the pre-pump had to be swapped as well.
Re: Fuel Pump Dying? (Lenz)

this is happening to my mk2 24v ahhhh i needa get a new one pretty fast so it can start the next morning
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