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Fuel pump help?

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I was driving to school this morning and my car died, I tried to start it back up and it would idle for a second and then die again, and compression starting it didnt work either. I think its the fuel pump, but how can I tell for sure. If the fuel pump is clogged can I clean it or do I need a new one. How much is a fuel pump for a 1991 Gti 8v digi.
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Re: Fuel pump help? (wHiTeGti)

put the key in and jump the relay, then go and listen in front of your right rear tire for a whirring sound.. if its whirring softly, it works.. now try starting the car.. if it starts, then its just your relay,, you can drive it with the wire jumper until you find a new one.
pray that its just the relay, as new main fuel pumps are expensive!!!
Re: Fuel pump help? (wHiTeGti)

I'm a friggin tard. The air intake hose came off the air box.
Re: Fuel pump help? (lyledriver)

well i have a fuel problem too my car will start fine but then after a while when the cars runing i can here a whining noise form the back of the car i hope its nit the pump but if it is how much u guys think they are and does any one have one for sale
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Re: Fuel pump help? (soFlyGTi)

Check the transfer pump. If it's bad, it will kill the main. The transfer is around $60, the main is like $300+, so you want to avoid replacing the main if you can. I figure the main is expensive enough I can't really afford to replace it until it dies.
(can't afford it then either, but won't have a choice)
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