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Fuel pump question

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Getting ready to replace the fuel pump in my 89 Jetta with Digifant. It has the main pump under the car thats enclosed in a box. My question is does it matter how the outer screen filter casing is positioned on the pump before sliding the unit into the sump box?...I know.....I should have made a reference of it before I took the old one out but didnt think about it.

Modified by Zekes89Jetta at 7:12 PM 7-14-2003
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Re: Fuel pump question (Zekes89Jetta)

I don't have my Bentley or any other reference handy. I recall using the pick-up gear opening at the bottom and lined it up with the notch on the filter.
Just for reference, your pump may look different.

Line up the flat sided, no screen part in the pic above with the inlet of the fuel pump (inline with the pumps connector).
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Re: Fuel pump question (Eric D)

Thanks Eric. I was thinking that maybe the way it went but wasnt sure.
I found out why the main pump went out. I took the intank pump/sender out to drain the tank and everything rubber on the unit was nothing but black goo....even the gasket at the top of sender. It was a mess. Gos to show you what sitting for a year will do to a fuel system. Debating now on whether to take the tank itself out and have it flushed.
Gonna pick up the sending unit I got the intank pump off of tomorrow.....should have gotten it when I got the other pumps
Maybe then I can get the beast running again.
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