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fuel smell from oil

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i have a smell of fuel in my oil. but arent i correct to say that when fuel and oil mix, it makes a sludge type deal?
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Re: fuel smell from oil (TommyC83)

Car is running rich, or driven and parked before the oil is fully warm.
No sludge but the fuel is thinning the oil and causing increase wear in the bores, and bearings.
Re: fuel smell from oil (lotus7)

alright thanks, i am also to assume my oil burning like crazy (2qts/1300 miles) is associated with rings...
Re: fuel smell from oil (TommyC83)

Have a look at the color of your spark plugs, should be light tan if the car is tuned correctly. If the rings are bad you get blow by and this can contaminate the oil.
Re: fuel smell from oil (tmessenger)

Kicked rings test the compression. I have the same problem with my 3A. I turned it over 1 too many times with out it starting.
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Re: fuel smell from oil (eurotrashrabbit)

Doesn't it make that smell when you are spraying nitrous? We raced last week and you told me you weren't spraying! wtf http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
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